The art of politics and the politics of art collide in this thrilling and thought-stirring new work.

Inspired by the courage and precarious lives of journalists and dissident artists, Red INK spotlights their struggles against the state. Why should freedom of expression come with a price attached? Is exile or imprisonment any kind of a choice? And who gets to decide on a country’s ‘cultural values’ – and the truth?

Bodies fly and ink runs… An artful and pulse-quickening mix of hip hop and contemporary dance,

"Boundary-breaking dance art chiming for change" Kate Hagan, The Wonderful World of Dance

   “Gorgeous muscular movement” Jonzi D, Breakin’ Convention

Originally developed at Breakin' Convention's 'Open Art Surgery' 2016, the show was supported by Curve Theatre and Southbank Centre 2017Showcased for Southbank Centre's China Changing Festival 2017 and Curve Theatre's Inside Out Festival 2017.

The show's continued development is supported by Chinese Arts Now, and Nearly There Yet theatre's Dare to Devise platform.

China Changing Festival 2018, 7th Oct, Southbank Centre, Purcell Room

CAN Festival 2019, 24-26th Jan, Rich Mix

Attenborough Arts, 26th April 2019

Bedford Creative Arts, dates tbc

Run time: 50mins

Dancers: Si Rawlinson, Vladimir Gruev, Helder Delgado

Music: Kidkanevil, Simon McCorry, Hauschka, Jan Brzezinski, Si Rawlinson

Produced by Step Out Arts.

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An exciting new work of experimental digital dance theatre, developed at Barbican’s Open Lab. The show uses lowlight/infrared camera, darkness, and live projection to explore the relationship between reality and performance, authentic self and digital representation of self, and how we connect via technology.

Performing at The Place - Jan 15th for Resolution Festival 2019 7.30pm

Runtime: 15mins

Choreographer: Si Rawlinson

Dancers: Laura Vanhulle and Dan Phung

Audio Visual Artist: Dan Lowenstein

Mentor: John Berkavitch


  "A beautiful and unnerving piece of theatre." Jane Fallowfield, Talawa Theatre

Inherent is about the limits memory and the borders of shared experience in the fight for social change. Three dancers appropriate black memories from Jim Crow to present day, exploring the awkwardness and incapacity that stops us from speaking for others, and the need for those who are not black to engage with movements like Black Lives Matter.

The show draws on hip hop, krump, contemporary dance, and spoken word to question our complicity with inequality and prejudice.

At the same time, what does it mean for three people from Hong Kong, the Seychelles and Bulgaria to speak about black experience?  Should they speak at all?

Developed at Breakin' Convention's 'Back to the Lab' platform this January 2017, the show went on to be performed at Breakin' Convention at Sadler's Wells, Curve Theatre, and Birmingham Repertory Theatre, as well as for Serendipity's Signatures Festival, Talawa Firsts Festival, and Hop Festival at Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona Dec 2017.

Run time: 10 mins

Dancers: Si Rawlinson, Ryan Naiken, Vladimir Gruev



Original music collaboration with composer Blasio Kavuma, in partnership with Sound and Music. Spirit Level draws musical influence from gospel, African, to neo-impressionism, and mixes hip hop and contemporary dance among other influences. The show uses live music and dance to explore different meanings of spirituality, how music and dance can be spiritual, and how it connects us.

Performed at Hackney Showroom Sept 6th.

Run time: 20 mins

Live Musicians: David Austin Grey and Jerome Johnson

Dancers: Si Rawlinson, Kayleigh Price and Helder Delgado

Collaboration produced by Carol Berry

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