Mixing break and contemporary dance, Ink is about censorship and the struggle between the desires of state and citizen, embodied in the movement and aesthetic of Chinese calligraphy. The show questions the dangerous role of artist as activist, following a writer who pushes the boundary between art and dissidence.

When "threatening prevailing wisdom" or "maintaining cultural values" is the difference between freedom, imprisonment, exile or worse, a writer's life hangs on his words.

   "A showcase of astounding dance abilities and muscular virtuosity" and "versatility across different genres." Francesca Marotto, The Wonderful World of Dance

   “Gorgeous muscular movement” Jonzi D, Breakin’ Convention

Originally developed at Breakin' Convention's 'Open Art Surgery' 2016, the full feature show is commissioned by Curve Theatre and Southbank Centre. Premiered October 2017 for Southbank Centre's China Changing Festival and Curve Theatre's Inside Out Festival.

Run time: 45 mins

Dancers: Si Rawlinson, Vladimir Gruev, Daniel Phung, Andrei Roman

Produced by Step Out Arts.



  "A beautiful and unnerving piece of theatre." Jane Fallowfield, Talawa Theatre

Inherent is about appropriating the fight for social change across racial divides, and the way that those who are not black must engage with movements like Black Lives Matter.  How do we relate with each other when our reach is tied in awkwardness and incapacity?  The show draws on break, contemporary, krump, and other hiphop dance styles, exploring the limits memory and the borders of shared experience.  We ask the seemingly peverse question: What could three people from Hong Kong, the Seychelles and Bulgaria say about black oppression?  Should they say anything at all?

Developed at Breakin' Convention's 'Back to the Lab' platform this January 2017, the show went on to be performed at Breakin' Convention at Sadler's Wells, Curve Theatre, and Birmingham Repertory Theatre, as well as for Serendipity's Signatures Festival, Talawa Firsts Festival, and Hop Festival at Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona Dec 2017.

Run time: 10 mins

Dancers: Si Rawlinson, Ryan Naiken, Vladimir Gruev

Produced by Step Out Arts.

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A show that uses breaking, contemporary dance and comedy to explore how we are paradoxical creatures, and the things we do to undermine and sabotage ourselves: absurd, frequently funny and, at times, devastating.

I have an autoimmune disorder where my body can't tell the difference between food and foreign invasion. The result feels like my DNA is trying to unwrite itself... and more embarrassing things come as part of the deal. It takes about 6 hours after eating for it to start. Happily, that's just long enough for my monkey brain to separate me in the now from "future me." So, at some point in the day, I inevitably eat something I really, really shouldn't, because I don't have to deal with the nuclear fallout that's skipping giddily towards me; that's future me's problem... and it's not like he has a life, or relationships... and he probably enjoys the feeling of being internally punched in the face.

The show explores stories of family, sabotaging romance, starting to dance at the age of 20, being in and out of hospital and confident of not making it to 30, planning for a tasteful suicide, deliberately infecting myself with worms, and going literally blind from the side effects of autoimmune medication, whilst becoming a choreographer and a lecturer in dance at university.

These stories are tied together by humour and by a persistent hunger: for recognition, to be worthy of love; regardless of an absurd and life-long illness.

Kraken, a work in progress, will be performed at Inside Out Festival of new work, Curve Theatre, October 2018.

Artist: Si Rawlinson

Produced by Step Out Arts.

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