Wayward Thread was founded in 2016 by dancer/choreographer Si Rawlinson.  The company uses break and contemporary dance to explore urgent contemporary issues, and is dedicated to extending the reach of hiphop's cultural voice.

Si spent his childhood divided between England and Hong Kong,  He became a member of the National Youth Theatre in 2002, pursued performance at college, and studied English and Theatre at the University of Leeds where he started breaking. He has been dancing for ten years, performing at venues including the National Theatre, Sadler's Wells, the Roundhouse, and Royal Festival Hall.

Wayward Thread's first show 'Ink' (Finding Words) uses break, contemporary, and other hiphop dance styles, to explore the struggle between the desires of state and citizen. Drawing inspiration from the social commentary of contemporary artist and activist Ai Weiwei, the movement of Chinese calligraphy, and the imagery of cinematographer Zhang Yimou ('Hero', 'House of Flying Daggers'), the show follows a writer who walks a fine line between art and dissidence.

It was performed for Resolutions Festival 2016 at The Place. The show went on to Sadler's Wells for Breakin' Convention last March and April. It was most recently performed at B-Side Festival at the Birmingham Hippodrome, and Curve theatre in Leicester have commissioned a 50 minute feature for Inside Out Festival this October 20th.

Dancers: Marius Mates, Vladimir Gruev. Costume: Isabella Van Braeckel. Music: Kidkanevil. Producer: Jih Wen Yeh, Step Out Arts

'Inherent' is the second work by Wayward Thread. The show is about the need for those who are not black to engage with movements like Black Lives Matter, and the awkwardness and incapacity that gets in the way of social accountability.

Interview with London Dance: http://londondance.com/articles/interviews/si-rawlinson-the-awkwardness-and-incapacity-of-wel/

What could three people from Hong Kong, the Seychelles and Bulgaria say about black oppression, if anything? Why do we embrace certain aspects of black culture whilst shrugging off the system of racism we don't have to live with? And at a time when community and perspective seems more divided than ever, can we see each other in the gaps between memories and experience?

The show draws on break, contemporary, other hiphop dance styles, and voice, exploring memory and the borders of shared experience.

Dancers: Vladimir Gruev, Ryan Naiken. Costume: Isabella Van Braeckel. Music: Kidkanevil, Producer: Jih Wen Yeh, Step Out Arts

Si Rawlinson is an artist with bold visions, great ambition, and talent.” Alesandra Seutin - Vocab Dance

”A visual treat that combined striking imagery and strong physical performances. Si Rawlinson has paid due diligence to the form of BBoying while crafting a piece that moves outside the confines of the form, creating beautiful work.” Robby Graham - Southpaw Dance Company

    Marso Riviere - ”A true seed of originality and artistry