Attenborough Arts, Gibraltar, and Migrations Festival

We’re excited to announce a few more tour dates starting with Attenborough Arts in our home city Leicester.

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It’s been a long time since we presented Red INK here, and it is literally and completely a different show. Red INK has been a process of the company finding a voice, a mission, and raising our art more than the sum of our parts - a process of infinite missteps and mistakes.

Come see how far we’ve come Friday 26th April!

Attenborough Arts Website + Tickets

If you happen to be in GIBRALTAR - 4th May

Come see us at ArtDance, Gibraltar International Dance Festival

We’ll be presenting a 20min intense version of Red INK along with an amazing line up of some of the best companies in hip hop and contemporary theatre, including Iron Skulls

ArtDance Facebook Event

ArtDance 2019 News

Finally, we’ll be presenting an excerpt of Red INK for Migration Matters Festival in Sheffield - 22nd June

Migration Matters Festival - Facebook Page

We’re currently still in the process of making and developing, so if we’re not performing one of our shows near you, look out for us soon, as a tour is coming!

Below is a teaser shot from our very own extraordinary photographer Vlad Gruev, from our trip to Milan this April to compete and shoot! Catch his photography here. at Filmadelyx

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Si Rawlinson