Shout Out for 'This Is An Island' Sky Arts cmn, Directed by Gary Clarke

Sat 23rd Feb at the Barbican Centre

There will be a day festival of shows, performances, exhibitions, as a part of Sky Arts commissioned work all about BREXIT.

I'll be dancing 1.15pm and 4pm in This is an Island directed by Gary Clarke, which presents voices from both sides in their truth. Free, but come early if you want to actually sit down!


Using the device of the House of Commons, four dancers and the public sit on opposite sides whilst a speaker keeps order, makes requests and highlights issues of immigration, class, economy and community.

From DanceXchange and creative director Gary Clarke, experience a no holds barred version of Brexit through the eyes of Birmingham residents in this immersive performance about Birmingham, Brexit and Britishness.

There's also music Nitin Sawhney, and dance from Boy Blue: Project REBEL during the event, and I’m excited and nervous to see how the crowd, the audience, the people react and enter dialogue with what the see, so close to the actual date of leaving the EU…

We look for a way forward, together, from the precipice…

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Si Rawlinson