Commonwealth Games show, Being too Old, and a Reason for Brexit


I saw the call out for dancers to perform at the Commonwealth Games, and scrolling through the info, became deflated to see it was for young people under 25.  Now... naturally, it's important that young dancers have dedicated opportunities, where they're not in competition with seasoned professionals.  When the perfect light of youth still glowed in my eyes I was way too much a mess and directionless as a dancer to go for "young people" opportunities, and it is not without irony that now I am capable, I am too old.  Also, Tesco ran out of the rice cakes I like today.  Sometimes the Universe has a different plan for us.

But last minute I got a call from a friend asking if I could jump in to perform for the Athletes Homecoming for the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham on Sat, filmed live for the BBC, as the city bids to host the games in 2022. In your face, Universe! Ha!

All the talk about Brexit makes us focus on our history with Europe.  Whether you think the Commonwealth is a hangover from the days of Empire that sweeps exploitation under the historical rug, or a useful association of countries that promotes prosperity in a postcolonial world, there is something problematic about being a Remainer without considering the Commonwealth.  (Surprise! Being liberal snowflake, I voted Remain).  The problem being that being in the EU positions Britain to have a closer relationship with Europe than it's ex-colonies.  It surprised me to learn that in some cases people from ex-colonies had a much harder time getting work in the UK as a result of EU citizens being able to work here freely, and how that feels like spitting in the face of our post-empire responsibility.  The devil's in the nuance.

2 days of British summer, and the moment we perform outside- summer rain... really, Universe? I guess I deserved that for laughing at you.  So we rocked it on the covered stage, avoiding politics and the metal cracks in the stage-floor.

Shout out to the dancers: Kid Kelvin, AJ, Andrei, and Krol, who are some of the best in the UK bboy scene. Shout out to DJ Digga Crazy for the show mix!