We stand on the shoulders of giants, and the ordinary-sized.

We stand on the shoulders of giants, and the ordinary-sized.

2 weeks of R&D done, and I'm looking back at footage of us learning new skills from invited artists, mentors, and each other. We spent time with Charlie Wheeller and Beren D'Amico from Barely Methodical Troupe and Kaveh Rahnama from Nearly There Yet. We spent a lot of time standing on them.

The first time standing on someone's shoulders, feels surprisingly unsafe, it's to remember what it feels like to be thrown in at the deep end.  It's been well over 2 decades since I was taught how to swim like that, and learning new things, it appears, involves just as much quiet whimpering and open begging... thankfully we live in a time when notions of 'manhood' are being deconstructed, and here at Wayward Thread, we pride ourselves at demonstrating diverse complex reactions to stressful situations...


Another person we stood on is John Berkavitch, whose mentoring has brought so much depth out of our characters and story-telling.  I stood all over him.

So much to do for the show, and more intensely than ever, I am caught between the need to eat which my immune disorder treats as an act of internal war, insomnia which is the price of eating, a single bloodshot eye, and the marathon of 'to dos'... with the chafing to go with it- someone get me some tape.

Having said that, frustrated and grateful can be a kind of zen, and seeing the world through one good eye reminds me that perspective is everything.

As much as I have been standing on the shoulders of others, my dancers also stand on me.  Time to get back to the studio, and under some feet.

Shout out to y'all- Vladimir Gruev, Dan Phung, and Andrei Roman.

Si Rawlinson