Iceland Shoot

With the incredibly talented Dan Lowenstein, Oli Parker, and Vladimir Gruev-

We went from filming in Iceland from the 12th-14th July for 'Ink' straight to performing at the Secret Garden Party, so we're only just processing all the footage now.

It was easily the most brutal shoot I've ever worked on with torrential rain, cold temperatures, and the unforgiving volcanic shores of Vik, to the glass covered concrete outside the Opera House, Harpa, in Reykjavik.

Vik BTS.jpg

As an added challenge, I normally have to cook everything I eat because of an auto-immune disorder I am gifted with, and I ended up living off rice cakes and cigarettes for a while.  Being a non-smoker I was a total amateur, but after trying really hard I got pretty good, and could smoke almost an entire cigarette without feeling nauseous!

I stayed in Iceland for 3 more days after my team went home.  I stood and watched the iconic geysers, peered at waterfalls and fault lines, stared out of lagoons, beautiful and bleak.  After the hustle of the shoot, it missed the stress I'd grown to love, and cigarettes lost their magic.

Bring on the editing!

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